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What is the Women’s Souper Bowl X-Country Ski and Snowshoe Sunday?

The event happens annually on Super Bowl Sunday. It is a great opportunity for women to have fun in the snow, try a new activity, or play with friends doing something they enjoy. It is also a fundraiser for the Women’s and Children’s Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen.

I haven’t snowshoed before, is that okay?

Yes. We have snowshoes for you to borrow at the event. Snowshoeing is easy and fun. We have been given special permission from the State Park staff and Spokane Nordic to snowshoe on a few select cross country ski trails for this one day only. The route will be well marked for the Souperbowl event.

(*no snowshoes are allowed on cross country trails at any other time)

What are the route options?

See a description of the route options on the Course Maps & Event Options page.

What is "The Great SouperBowl Sasquatch Search"?

See a description of this fun and unique event on the Course Maps & Event Options page.

Are there skis for rent on site?

Yes! New this year, Fitness Fanatics has a rental site, next to the Selkirk Lodge, for x-country skis, boots, poles, snowshoes etc. Please reserve on line.  Our sponsors Mountain Gear, Fitness Fanatics & REI provide reduced priced rentals in town for the Souper Bowl. Please call and reserve your pair early.

What is the poker ski?

See a description of the poker ski on the Course Maps & Event Options page.

What is for lunch?

Soup! Our lunch is prepared by the expert hands of the Women’s and Children’s Free Restaurant staff. They prepare some of the scrumptious soup recipes they serve to their diners. There are usually three different soups to choose from, including a vegetarian option. They also serve a side salad, fruit, bread, and cookies for dessert.

Will there be other food?

Yes! When you arrive in the morning there will be coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and an assortment of pastries. Food is available whenever you want to come in and get warm.

Where does the Souper Bowl take place?

The "Souper"Bowl takes place at the Mount Spokane Nordic Ski Area. You will find a map to the area in the "Getting There" section of the website.

What should I wear?

To stay warm while you are active, you should layer your clothing. How much you need will depend on the temperature and the wind. Your first layer should be a fabric that wicks moisture away from your body. Do NOT wear cotton! The next layer should be of medium weight and provide some warmth. This could be a wool sweater or fleece layer. If it is cold out, you may want another layer of the same type or something a little warmer. The outer layer should block the wind, but also let moisture escape. Be sure to bring a hat, mittens or gloves.  Wear comfortable boots you can walk in if you are snowshoeing. Bring a fanny pack or a backpack to put clothing in if you find you get warmer than you thought you might. We hope you will have to bring sunglasses and sunscreen!

Should I bring water?

You should bring a water bottle or other hydration system. There is water at the lodge. Be sure to take water with you on the trail so you can keep hydrated. Even though it is cold, it is very important to drink water when you are active. Putting your water in a thermos or wrapping the bottle in clothing or a protective sleeve will help prevent it from freezing.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Yes. Day Sno-Park permits are $20.00.  Annual Sno-Park permits are $40 and the grooming sticker is $40.  You can park in the nordic parking lot with a day permit or with the combined annual sno park permit and grooming sticker. Remember, the income from this pass pays for all parking lot snow removal as well as grooming; no other state funds support your Nordic area. In addition, there will be no more warnings for no Sno-park permits, just a ticket of $87. That’s more than a season pass, and those funds don’t go into the Sno-park system. Still, at less than the price of 2 alpine day tickets, an $80 season pass for a family is still a good bargain. NEW:  Passes can be purchased up at the Fitness Fanatics rental trailer next to the Selkirk Lodge! But honestly, it will be easier if you take care of your pass purchase in town at REI, Fitness Fantic or Mtn Gear! 

Passes will be sold on line after November 1st at:
You can also buy passes at: Fitness Fanatics, Mountain Gear, REI, Bear Creek Lodge, both Alpine lodges, and at the Ranger's office.
Daily Sno-park permits are $20.00.  Annual Sno-Park permits plus grooming sticker are $80.00

What if I don’t want to drive alone or I just want to decrease my carbon foot print?

Two Durham school buses complete with seasoned drivers are available for $5 roundtrip.  Here is the schedule of bus pick up spots and departure times:

NOTE:  These are departure times.  Please arrive 15 min early to load and board the bus.  

*7:45 am Downtown Spokane Global Credit Union (3rd and Maple)

*8:00 am Spokane Valley Global Credit Union (Montgomery off Argonne)

*8:15 am Mt Spokane High School

The buses will leave the Selkirk Lodge at 1:00 pm and stop at Mt Spokane HS, downtown and Spokane Valley Global Credit Unions


You can carpool with friends. Parking is limited, so carpooling is a good idea. Remember to have your Sno Park permit and grooming sticker. See question: “Do I have to pay for parking.” 

What about bathrooms?

The Selkirk Lodge, where registration will be, has flush bathrooms and warm running water. There are also outhouses near the lodge and along the cross country ski trails.

What if I miss the registration deadline? 

Please register by mail or online by Friday, Jan 23, 2015, so we know how many there will be for lunch.  Late online registration continues until Friday Jan 30th ($10.00 late fee applies)   If space is available, there is late registration during packet pickup at REI on Friday, Jan 30th from 4-6:30 pm and late onsite registration at the Selkirk Lodge from 8:30 – 10:30am.


Are dogs allowed?

Sorry, No. Please leave your pups at home!!